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What The Secret Law of Attraction is



As the movie The Secret is telling us this law was kept away from the average people. So what the Secret Law of Attraction is all about? Why it was hidden away from us? Because the great, powerful people of all the times thought that if the population would find out about it, then they wouldn’t be able anymore to control the masses.


The truth is that even in this moment, millions of people are struggling for a living. We were thought from the moment we came out into this world that life it’s a struggle , that money don’t grow up in the tree, that’s for being a successful person you have to learn a lot, go to school, college and have a full bag filled with diploma’s.

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And this is a topic that I like to talk about because I know a few persons that after they went to University for being a lawyer they ended up making burgers at MacDonald’s. Or working as a beauty product seller with less than the average salary. And this is reality .


I don’t say that school is not good, it is for sure, education is a very important key for a human being. But the truth is that the school, it’s not the key to wealth and success.


Probably a lot of you know people who are very rich yet they don’t have too much school. Or you heard about millionaires who lost everything but somehow they succeeded to gain back in a short period of time all the millions or even more than they lost. This is because of the way they think. They think in a different way than us. They concentrate all the time on wealth, they take risks, they take inspired actions and they succeed all the time. So that’s it!


The Secret Law of Attraction is all about your thoughts !


Focusing on the positive or negative thoughts is what you will bring into your life. The law says that we are made of pure energy and same our thoughts . When we focus our thoughts for at least 17 seconds on a subject we are vibrating energy. The more powerful the thought it is, the more we vibrate energy and attract that thing into our life. The belief is that ”like energy attracts like energy”.


For example, if we are focusing on how much we are in debt we will attract more bills and more situations where we find our self in need for money or broke. There is not such thing in this Universe as an exclusion. We can’t exclude nothing from our experience. We bring in the wanted, but also the unwanted, it depends on which one we are focusing our attention. We are vibrating energy and the Universe will supply us with things , experiences , people, situations and whatever is the closest match with that vibration.


My opinion is that if we want to have a better life, to bring into our existence all the things that we wish and desire for, we have to start working with our subconscious mind, because it’s the most powerful tool that we have. We must change all the mentality that we are packed in when we start to ride the wave of life. It’s not an easy task to switch from all those limiting beliefs to such positive aspects that we are the creators of our reality. But it can be achieved.


We live in a wonderful world full of Abundance. We were meant to live a joyous life, which we consciously can choose to live.


What I can say about me is that I am already working with powerful tools like hypnosis , subliminal messages and affirmations so the results are already showing into my life. I don’t know too many other ways to help me change my subconscious mind so I started with this set of awesome tools.


What I also did is that I eliminated a lot of negative thinking from my life, I pay very close attention to what I think, I try not to talk to pessimistic people who can drain you like an energetic vampire, I surrounded myself with a lot of awesome and successful people who are sharing with us the knowledge about the LOA and my life is improving day after day.


I have manifested already a few things that I desired, maybe not so important for most but for me, they are another proof that the law is powerful and is working all the time because is obedient to my thoughts. You can make that change  starting today, taking action and take control all over your life, your thoughts and your reality!

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To your Growth and Personal Success !!!

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