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Top 3 Tips on How to Use The Secret Law of Attraction for Wealth


Wealth is a word that has a lot of meanings depends how you look at it. You can be wealthy at a spiritual level, but most people associate wealth with money. In this article I’m going to talk about the top three tips on how to use the Secret Law of Attraction for wealth, money and success .


You were thinking that you have to work hard, take good grades, always do your best and do the right thing to fit into this society rules and beliefs. This was the mindset that you  were raised with and you usually follow the instructions because you think that is the correct way to achieve success. But after doing all the possible that you could , you find yourself in the frustrating situation where you keep struggling and struggling yet no real satisfactory results, no matter how hard you tried. This happens because you are not a vibration match to the things that you desire like money, success or wealth in general.



If you have to work hard to achieve success, then how come the person who is sweeping the floors is not yet a millionaire(because obviously he is working hard) but that young kid who dropped out of high school found somehow the easy way and he is a multi-millionaire now ? How come the ones who work so hard to get so little in return and the ones that seem to get all so easy are having enormous success ? Seems a little unfair right?



Your success in life is all up to you, no one is responsible for it and you have total control over it. Finding yourself in the position of condemning others  that the Secret Law of Attraction for wealthdisplay evidence of the success you dreamed of  not only that success will ever come to you, but you are also doing some other bad things to yourself like cutting the natural flow of well-being, of health, happiness and joy into your life.



It’s easy to find fault in everything and put the responsibility on other people’s shoulders or even in the circumstances from your own life :”I’m not successful because my parents were poor people/because I didn’t go to that Collage or University/because I live in this poor country /because I’m not smart/because I don’t know where to start from/because I don’t have support from my husband/wife / and the  list  can go on forever. When you see yourself and your own success or lack of it from this perspective, you are practically paralyzed because when you blame someone else for the lack of your success you are giving your power away and from this point you can’t make any changes.



To begin changing the point of your attraction you first need to get rid of old patterns of negative thoughts and start thinking better thoughts. Your emotions are your guiding system and they never lie to you they always indicate what kind of vibrations you are offering at any given moment. It’s not enough to say that you want to have more money, it’s important to be aware of your feelings when you make that statement. Do you feel a negative emotion when you talk or think about money? if the answer is yes, then you are blocking your success to come to you because the Law of Attraction will always respond to the vibrations that are matching .


Like attracts like,remember? 


1.Change your thoughts, change your point of attraction


You can’t be prosperous and wealthy  if you don’t  feel already that way. You can’t pay attention to the fact that you are broke and hope in return to become wealthy. I’m sure you heard the words ”Fake it till you make it.” It’s not that you are lying about your actual situation it’s about how you want the things to work out for you in the future .


Paying attention to the past or the present moment where you are it will attract the same things over and over again. You have to make it clear what you really want and then think about like you already possess and have all that things that you wish.


Lets say that you are in debt  and you feel there is no escape from that situation. If you are keep looking at the present situation, talking and complaining about worrywhat is happening  right now you are not going to make any change because the Law of Attraction will keep matching the vibration that you offer which is one of worry, fear and desperation. But when you find yourself in this situation you can say to yourself ”I feel fear, frustration and negative emotions about my financial situation right now. Its obvious that I don’t want that. What is that I want? I want to have money, to live without worry and to have financial security so I can enjoy life the way I want to. I’m looking forward to make more money”.


In that moment when you start paying attention to what you do want you are making a shift. Your vibration shifts and also your point of attraction. Abraham-Hicks is calling this “The Pivoting Process”. Once that shift happens your good thought attracts another one, and another one till you will manifest a real life situation where people, circumstances, opportunity begin to show up and now you are in a position to take inspired action and make that change that will improve your life and financial situation.


This is available also in any kind of business. You must always believe and expect that your business will grow, that you are going to succeed and be one of the best. If you are letting any fearful thoughts or start doubting yourself that you are not doing the right thing, that you must work harder, that you will not going to make it work this is  exactly what will happen. Because the LOA will match your thoughts and your business will fail or you will have a lot of obstacles to pass.


So the conclusion is : always look for the positive in any situation , feel wealthy already with what you have and Wealth and Abundance will find you. Because it’s the Law and its always responding to your thoughts and the vibration you are offering.


2.The Secret Law of Attraction for  wealth: always keep some money in your pocket

Try to keep at list 50 $-100 $ in your pocket without spending them. You will only spend them in your imagination. You will go trough the day and think of how many things you can buy with that 100$ bill. Doing that will shift your point of attraction and you allow the money to come your way and also you will start feeling a better opinion about money because let’s be honest, most of us were raised with the conception that money are the root of evil, money can’t buy you love or happiness, they are immoral and only if you steal and do dirty thing you can become rich and so on. While you start to change all those limiting beliefs about money you will begin to feel better about them. Good feelings will match better results that eventually must come one way or another.


3.Make a Vision Board

It’s easy to make and it’s fun. You can find more information about how to create one from Mister Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach.

And he is also  offering a FREE Vision Board App if you prefer to keep it on your smart phone or tablet .

Have FUN  while you START creating your reality and your way to find success!

Here is a video that can help you understand all the money stuff better:

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