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Self Hypnosis-How to and It’s Benefits for Mind,Body and Spirit


Lets take a peek into the Self Hypnosis-how to and it’s benefits for mind ,body and spirit. Achieving a relaxed state of mind is one of the best things you can do for yourself whether you want to lose weight (and keep it off), quit smoking or if you have other problems like sleep disorders ,depression or asthma it can also help you with pain management, get rid of old patterns of behavior and help you learn new ones beneficial to you, gain total control over your emotions and the list goes on .


What is Self Hypnosis?

To understand this we first must understand what is Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and an  enhanced capacity for response to suggestion. The ”hypnotist” or the person who ”guide” the ”subject” is giving this suggestions. Hypnosis is the most powerful tool that we have at our disposal to make the connection , the bridge between the conscious mind and the unconscious in order to make them  both saying the same things ,because it is almost impossible to control unconscious behavior  through conscious efforts .


For example, how many times did you talk to yourself that you will not smoke again, not eat that cake this time, or maybe that you will remain calm in a situation next time , you will respond in different manners  to the problems you must face in your everyday life but you caught yourself doing again and again the same things ,even you recognized that your habits, felling’s and responses are not doing any good to you? This is where Hypnosis or Self Hypnosis come in to help you become the person you most want to become .


Self Hypnosis is the situation where a person is giving suggestions to himself or herself . In order to benefit from this powerful tool you must learn how to induce a relaxed ,opened state of mind , to be receptive to the  suggestions given to yourself(self-suggestion’s) or allow a self hypnosis audio recording to induce this trusting ,relaxed state of  consciousness .


Usually people are scared or suspicious about hypnosis . All of us must have seen scary movies where the hypnotherapisthypnotist  is making the person to do or say things that normally  won’t do or tell. People are scared that they will not be in control anymore .

Actually this is just a myth . When you are in self hypnosis (and actually in hypnosis also, because there is not such thing as ”hypnotic state”, there are only different states of consciousness) you are in total control of your mind.

You can  choose what to think with your mind, you are in control and  aware of everything .Even if a suggestion is given to you ( like lets say you have to imagine and visualize yourself on a exotic island , sitting on the beach and relaxing, you normally  will  enter a very similar state of consciousness with the scenery you are creating with your mind ,relaxed, happy, peaceful ,no worries  kind of vacation ) actually you can choose not to hold that picture in your mind , you can choose something else or you can ignore the suggestion .But if you allow yourself to follow the given suggestions, you more likely will experience the various benefits that self hypnosis can do for you.


 Self Hypnosis How to and It’s Benefits

1.Make yourself as comfortable as you can , use comfortable clothing  .

2.Find a quiet room where nobody will disturb you ,no phone ,no kids ,no to do list. This is YOUR TIME !

3.Depending on your preferences you can sit in a chair, couch or bed or lie down ,but if you prefer to lie down you are more susceptible to fall asleep .Make sure that you don’t cross your arms and legs .

4.Around 15 to 30 minutes is the amount of time usually people prefer to be in a ”trance”.

5.You must know for sure what you wish to achieve with the self hypnosis , what are your goals .

6.Prepare a list of affirmations if you do self hypnosis to achieve a bigger goal .If you use it just for relaxation you don’t need it.

7.Whatever suggestion you will give to yourself use it in the present tense –

Ex:  ”I am loosing weight ” or

” I choose no longer to smoke ”

‘I make healthy decisions ”

”I am awesome”

”I am safe and confident ”

”I love myself ”

”I can achieve whatever I set my mind to ”  and so on .


8.Close your eyes and try to empty your mind of any thoughts. Read meditation techniques if you find that you have difficulties with this step because in the beginning, it will not be so easy to clear your mind of the thoughts that are coming, we naturally are  wired to think .


9.Begin to relax your body starting with the feet’s and toes .Repeat to yourself that you are more, and more relaxed. Try to say the sentence ”deep sleep” a few times during the process .

Breath in and out and focus on your belly ,imagining that with every breath you take you are more relaxed and with every breath you exhale you are eliminating negativity and tension from your body. If you start feeling something like a floating sensation, that means you are in deep self-hypnosis and your work is going well.

10.Picture yourself at the top of 10 stairs and with each count you will feel more relaxed, drifting further into deep relaxation.

You can now picture whatever you wish , you can imagine that at the end of the stairs is a lake where a boat is waiting for you, and you go to the middle of the lake where you lay down in the boat and admire the blue sky, or you can imagine that you are walking in a field with green grass, you feel the sun gently touching your face .You can imagine your future self ( if you use self hypnosis for weight loss you must always picture yourself the way you want to look because if you put attention to the fact that  you are overweight , the Law of Attraction will bring you more of that ,so you will not succeed to lose weight ).


11.After you are prepared ,you must bring yourself back from the ”hypnotic state” .Start counting from 5 and repeat to yourself that with each count you will be more and more aware, your body is feeling energized .When you arrive to number 1 say in your mind ”Eyes opened and wide , wide awake , fully energized and aware”. Now stretch your body and try not to make quick moves for a minute or two .  Your first self- hypnosis session just ended.

Of course self hypnosis can be challenging at first but with a lot of repetition will bring awesome results in the end  for sure.



The process is much easier if the instructions are learned by listening to recorded suggestions . Personally I like to use material from  Hypnosis Downloads  they have over 800 self hypnosis MP3 audios practically for almost anything.


Another great program is Hypnosis Live they also have  a large variety of over 200 self-hypnosis MP3 audios. You can try them out for free here and see how things are working for you and then decide if they are fitting your needs . Normally a self-hypnosis session with a hypnotherapist will be around 200 $ or even more so for me they are a great deal . I especially like The Law of Attraction and Wealth Attraction CD’s.

Other Hypnosis Program that I tried it out is Natural Hypnosis, I really like very much Brennan Smith’s voice and I think he is one of the best hypnotherapist at the moment. They also have more then 130 hypnosis programs specially created to develop the human potential .


So, all together Self Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that can enable you to heal more rapidly in all the areas of your life: mind , body and soul because you are connecting with your inner being ,with your subconscious mind who already knows how to assimilate all the suggestions that are made especially for you , for your own well being . It can change your behavior patterns, manage stress, improve the performances in the areas where you want to  and many, many more benefits . I am very grateful that I discovered self hypnosis and I enjoy it each and every time. I achieved some goals, one of them was that I lost around 7 kg in a 30 day challenge with self hypnosis. Below is the video  for weight loss hypnosis that I used. The hypnotherapist’s name is David McGraw  and he has a lot of free videos on Youtube that can help you in different directions and goals. He also offers a membership plan for a small fee .  For me self hypnosis it works! What about you? Would like to hear your own story about your experience with self -hypnosis and some goals that you achieved. Feel free to share!


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  1. When teaching self-hypnosis, a word or phrase should be stated to the patient for them to repeat. This will not work unless the patient deliberately uses the word or phrase to hypnotize themselves.

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