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Natural Cancer Fighter Revealed

The No.1 Natural Cancer Fighter Revealed

What if I told you that is only one major Natural Cancer Fighter available for all of us and it really works? Would you take the risk and try it out or would you go with the conventional but very damaging chemotherapy? In this article the cancer fighter will be revealed so more people can benefit from the incredible Natural Cancer Fighterhealing proprieties that lies within ourselves.


Almost 2 years ago I had a taught period in my life, I found 3 swollen occipital lymph nodes, a few more behind my ears and the back of my neck  accompanied with a lot of symptoms: dizziness, chronic fatigue, nausea, gum bleeding, lower back pain.

I was really scared and I did what everybody does, I Google’d my symptoms and all that I found was leading me to NonHodgkin lymphoma. 


Cancer Terror

There are no words to describe the terror I felt, not because I am afraid of death, but because when you have 2 small kids under 6 years old, it’s even more frightening to think that such a terrific disease can steal your life without a single warning. A history of 23 years of smoking 1-2 packs a day, it’s a good reason to believe that probably you got the cancer especially when the lymphatic system show you some signs.


Of course I went for a checkup and made all the investigations required. Taking into consideration the size of the swollen lymph nodes, my doctor decided that for the moment it’s better if we are not doing a biopsy, he considered that the size of them was too small, but we must keep them under investigation because it was unexplained lymphadenopathy. I still have them and I can feel them till this day, but I’m not that scared anymore about cancer and I will tell you why.


I accidentally found out that one of  my Wealthy Affiliate friends had cancer and the discussion that I had with him changed my whole vision. I was so afraid because I was not informed, I was afraid of the unknown, of the believes that we are raised since childhood. When you hear the word CANCER you are stunned, you feel helpless,  you associate it with chemotherapy, suffering and finally death.


The No.1 Natural Cancer Fighter Revealed

Robert Prescott is one of the Wealthy Affiliate University Ambasador’s and he survived oral cancer with the No.1 Natural Cancer Fighter – He cured himself with  His Own Immune System.

His father died from cancer so Robert was aware of the destructive effects that chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy have over the body’s immune system and he decided to fight cancer in his own, unique way. He made a drastic change in his diet and he took MGN – 3 also known as Biobran  for boosting his immune system.

If you want to find out more about his journey you can visit his website and educate yourself about this amazing cure, find out the reasons why in this century when we are so advanced with science and technology, it apparently looks like the cure for the cancer it’s not yet found. Why is the chemotherapy,  such a big business and why the media, it’s not revealing the TRUTH.

Because the TRUTH is that our God-given Immune System IS the Cure! 


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***Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.***

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2 thoughts on “The No.1 Natural Cancer Fighter Revealed

  1. Thank you Alexa for sharing my story about how I turned to God’s natural cure for cancer. Our immune system, that keeps everyone on this planet from getting cancer everyday when our bodies are naturally creating cancer cells, is the only thing that will keep us cancer free IF it remains healthy.

    As soon as my doctor told me that our bodies naturally create cancer cells everyday and our healthy immune system kills them everyday, I started looking for natural ways to strengthen it. My doctor said that getting the immune system back to full strength and even beyond, would eventually kill off my cancer without me having to poison myself with chemo and radiation, which both cause cancer too.

    If anyone is considering going the natural route like I did, make sure you find a doctor who will accomodate the all natural approach. Most doctors will not because it is against the law to recommend any thing natural. Doctors could lose their license to practice medicine, and if they are not trained in holistic health, they will not entertain anything natural, even God’s own natural treatments.

    Fortunately there are a lot of doctors out there who are not afraid of doing what they have sworn to do, treat, heal and do no harm to people. There are two websites I use to find these doctors. If you would like I will post the links here.

    1. Robert, thank you very much. I would really love to have the links to the websites so we can help as much people as we can. You can post them here in the comment section and then I will include the links in my post also 🙂

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