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Personal Development-Is the Secret Law of Attraction Easy to Use?

Is the Secret Law of Attraction easy to use? this is a question that a lot of people ask themselves. Here are some useful tips about how to use this Universal Law:


How to use the Law of Attraction in 5 Easy Steps


I already explained in my last post about what the Secret Law of Attraction is all about so in this article I’m going to talk about how we can use this Universal Law in our favor with the most known five easy steps that are actually working if you already understood that you are attracting in your life experience the essence of your predominant thoughts .


Thoughts are vibrations and when you focus your attention on something you attract that thing into your life experience, whether you want it or not. The more you think, the more powerful it becomes. A lot of people want to know the fastest way to start manifesting in their life the things they wish for. The most important thing is that they must understand they can’t get there if they are not in a vibrational alignment with the things that they desire.


I know that most people get turned off when they hear about Esther Hicks being a channel for Abraham-Hicks, but if you look more deeper and you are willing to ” hear” what she has to say regardless of this controversy thing, it will benefit you in tremendous ways.

There are literally 3 steps that you must use in order to achieve your dreams using the LOA but only 2 of them are yours work:

1-Ask(your job)

2-The Universe answers(not your job)

3-The answer must be allowed (your job, the most difficult one)

Here are the steps that will help you to accelerate the manifestation of whatever you want to have in your life and will help you to practice the Art of Allowing:



Try to meditate around 10 to 15 minutes per day (not more than that amount of time ). There is a lot of material over the internet that teach you how to meditate, you must feel comfortable, you must try to relax and release any thought. At the beginning this all meditation process will feel unnatural to you because we by nature want to focus. Refocusing on your breath will help you to release and go back into that state of meditation.



Be sure and precise about what you want. Close your eyes in the moments when you are alone in a quiet place and try to visualize the object of your desire. If you wish more money, try to visualize how your bank account is growing and all your cards are loaded with money, if you wish a new car try to project a picture in your mind how you are already own the car, imagine that you already driven the car. Maybe if you have some serious health issues you must visualize yourself that you are healthy, full of vitality and happiness. The key is that after you decided what you want don’t doubt yourself because at the moment you start to think this kind of thought you are in resistance to the thing that you wish, so it can’t come to you.



Practice gratitude on a daily basis. Find things in your life to be grateful for, even if your circumstances are really bad you must find even one reason to be grateful. The fact that you are alive and you opened your eyes today is a blessing, so be grateful for that. The more you are grateful the more things to be grateful for will begin to show up into your life.


Step4-Be Patient and trust that the Universe will provide

This is one is the most difficult because people tend to become anxious when they don’t see results in a short period of time. In this process of Deliberate Creation we have to allow the time to do its job. We must understand that there will not be an immediate manifestation of any thought because in this process, we have the opportunity to decide, evaluate and enjoy the Process of Creation.


Step5-Feel good! Pay close Attention to Your Emotions

Your emotions are your guidance system and they will tell you if you are allowing or blocking the manifestation. Paying attention to how you feel you will easily tell if you are giving your attention to your desire and allow it to come to you, or if you are paying attention to the absence of your desire. You must understand that there is no such thing as an exclusion in this Universe. Our goal is to find better feeling thoughts and to feel good, because when we feel good we are in a vibrational alignment with our Source of Well Being .


I hope my post will help you in a way or another to better understand the Law of Attraction and these steps are really easy to use, you don’t have to put much energy or time in them. You just make it as simple as it is: throw your desire to the Universe and be confident that you will get what you want. Don’t try to understand how all will happen, it’s not your job. The Universe will find situations, people, circumstances and all that it’s necessary to make your wish come true.


What I suggest is that if you don’t believe yet that the LOA really exists you should start with small things, like maybe think that you would like to be invited to drink a coffee, or imagine you would have that T-shirt that you liked. Soon enough the Universe will match your thoughts and you will start noticing around you commercials, magazines, situations that match your thoughts or desire. You must observe the signs and when you will see and believe you will feel an enormous joy. I know I did and I see evidence of the LOA almost everyday in my life.
Feel free to share and comment about your experiences, I will be more than pleased to hear other real stories to!

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