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Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits for Health

Having a few Himalayan Salt Lamps across your house its an essential thing if you want to reap the benefits they provide. Simply having them around it can help with some unpleasant conditions like insomnia, allergies, migraines or skin conditions.

They have the power to chemically and physically transform your room so your overall well being will dramatically improve. You will experience a boost in energy, you will feel  physically  and mentally refreshed due to the abundance of negative ions that this  Himalayan salt lamp contains.

I have already talked about the benefits of pink Himalayan salt, so in this article we are going to discover the Himalayan salt lamp benefits for your health and why you should have this kind of  lamp in your house.


What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

They are large pieces of Himalayan Salt containing low wattage light bulbs inside or they can even be lit by candles. Himalayan salt lamps can be solid pieces

himalayan salt lamp

of salt [like this one] but they also come in the form of decorative baskets filled with large crystals of salt [like this one]. They look awesome and we can say that these lamps are truly a symbol for natural living.


Make sure that you purchase the lamp from a pure crystal Himalayan source  because the cheap imitation that it’s sold  across the market its just plain rock salt. So make sure that your  lamps  are made from pure Himalayan crystal Salt, otherwise you would not enjoy the benefits they can provide.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits for Your Health

People that constantly use salt lamps in their homes report improvement in their mental and physical well-being as soon as they light them up.


  •  Purifying the air that you breath

By generating negative ions Himalayan salt lamps purify the air. Some studies show that negative ions improve breathing problems like asthma and may relieve seasonal affective disorder.


  • Electromagnetic Radiation Neutralizer

Everyday we are exposed to  electromagnetic (EM) radiation, which can cause a lot of unpleasant conditions like increased stress levels, chronic fatigue, insomnia. Constant EM radiation exposure will also decrease the body’s immune response.

We can buy negative ion generators, but they are a bit expensive. Salt lamps are the best alternative if you are not willing to spend a lot. They will help reduce the ‘electro-smog’.


  • Reduce asthma and allergies
  • Improve breathing

A Customer Review on Amazon:

“My wife and I are amazed by the beauty of these lights as they are very soothing to look at. Ours looks like a large glowing ember and creates a feeling of warmth about it. But it is how these lights work that blew us away. The claim that these lights can help sinus sufferers seems to have some truth to it.
What really clinched it was when we placed one near my wife’s father who is 98 years old, has C.O.P.D. and is paralyzed on one side and bed ridden.
His normal routine included between 6 or 7 nebulizer treatments a day.
After about a week we noticed that he was going longer and longer times between treatments. Currently he needs only 4 treatments a day and none during the night. Nothing else has changed in regards to his care-giving and he was completely unaware of the lamp and it’s effects (he could not see it as it was behind him and out of his sight).
The people we hire to care-give during the day are equally amazed by his improved breathing. When we finally told him about the lamp he just couldn’t believe a light could help him with his breathing.
The claim that these lights purify the air also seems based on fact. Since we care-give 24/7 to my wife’s father and currently live with him, our house hasn’t been lived in for going on 6 years now (except for rare times we can get away over night to sleep there).
The house developed a musty smell due to a lack of activity and so I decided to buy a lamp for the house.
Within a few days the house had a much fresher smell-no fragrance just a fresh smell, with no funky odors.
People who visit us are struck by the beauty of these lights. We have 3 at my father-in-law’s residence and one at our home. When we tell them about the added benefit of how these lights can help with breathing problems and eliminate odors they ask me to get them one too!”


  • Will increase your energy levels


  • Better sleep


  • Reduced stress levels and improves performance


Overall, having  a few salt lamps  will have a beneficial impact on your health and will improve the quality of air in your house. Their natural crystal shape and pinkish color will give a nice look to the rooms where you decide to place them.

Fake and cheaper versions that are on the market use the substitutes of rock salt. Pay attention when you are purchasing and check the origin of the lamp, it must be made from pure, food grade Himalayan salt.

You can find out more benefits that a Himalayan salt lamp can provide in the video below:



You will also have to take care of your Himalayan salt lamp if you want it to stay in  good condition. Bellow is a video that will help you with this process:




Did you ever used a Himalayan salt lamp until now? What were the benefits that you experienced? Please, share them  in the comments below!

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