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Gennady Tkachenko-The Man Who Sings the Earth’s Sounds

One of the most incredible voices I ever stumbled across in my whole life, Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh is the proof that sound is energy and the more love you invest in whatever you like, the more connected you become with your inner being and with your Higher Power. In this today’s world where everything sounds so artificial and its almost impossible to hear a natural voice, this man’s voice is so powerful, so intense that you can’t ask yourself if he is from this planet or from some other galaxy .The sound of our “Mother Earth” ,as he likes to call our planet is perfectly reproduced by this man’s mouth.

Who is Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh?

Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh was born on January, 27, 1964 in Petropavlovsk, Russia

He spent his childhood in Ukraine, Kolomiya city

According to his biography he is an actor, comedian, vocalist and Unique sound imitator

He likes to spend most of his spare time in nature, up in the mountains, in the virgin woods where he can hear all those amazing sounds that he is reproducing to entertain our ears

He performed in the  Ukraine’s Got Talent show

He is using meditation

The Earth’s Sounds

Gennady is reproducing animal like noises, practically you feel like you are in the middle of the woods only if you hear his voice. He has an incredible power and we are really blessed to have the chance to hear his voice. The moment he  starts singing at his full potential you will be stunned. I don’t know if there are any words to express how deep and profound his voice is but I can only say that it Divinity incarnated. You don’t need to understand the words he is speaking because the emotions that he transmits are incredibly intense. Every sound is extremely ancient, mystic, and spiritual.

You better listen for yourself and see the love and passion for nature, Earth and the Universe at its best :

You can connect with him at his Facebook Profile:

Facebook Page:

I would like to hear your thoughts and feelings after you experience his amazing voice. Please share so we can spread awareness about this man’s incredible talent, gift and Spirit!


47 thoughts to “Gennady Tkachenko-The Man Who Sings the Earth’s Sounds”

    1. Body, mind & spirit completely embodied into his music. It’s esoteric – a very talented guy with a message for the world. I want to hear lots more of him.

      1. He is working on that Terry, rest assured that you will hear again about him soon. I was reading that someone suggested to Gennady that he should teach people how to sing like him. In my opinion I think that’s impossible because this is his gift, he is the one and only.

  1. He is a Healer who heals with his sound vibrations. A Sound Therapist who does not need external instruments. So happy to have heard him on internet, hope to have the honour of experiencing this Live one day

    1. A truly Captivating, and remarkably talented man. This man was gifted this talent….nobody could possibly learn this mesmerising skill.

  2. So beautiful! The sounds transport you to another dimension! amazing. I would love and mp3 of this and also to experience this live.

    1. Linda I’m sure Gennady is working to release the MP3 as soon as possible. And I also hope he will travel around the world so people can experience his live shows

  3. For me, this man epitomises the sheer essence of spirituality in abundance. His spirit and soal soars through my very being, as though transcending me to some Heavenly place. He is a unique gift to those of us who are profoundly touched by his other-worldly message…
    Can’t wait to hear him perform in the UK. Love and light xxx

    1. Yes
      ..I absolutely agree..but we are all connected …yes..if we would just awaken to that reality. .we would be as we are intended to be ♡

  4. I love how everyone was in complete awe of everything that resonated from him. He truly moves the soul and captivates everyone. It’s crazy that you can’t look away or stop listening because you are on this mind trip floating and buzzing around in sheer awe. I loved every second.

  5. I am glad that I am not just the only one who is so impressed with this mans ability to utter these sounds from his mouth that leaves me nearly breathless. I felt like ,he is a mortal, how is he able todo this? Awesome, moving me evidently as everyone else.

  6. I was watching Gennady’s intense expressions, but I was hearing his ‘Nature Experience’. It was mesmerizing to feel his impressions of the world, nay – Universe emanating from somewhere deep within his soul and being expressed through his amazing vocal excursions ! Truly a gifted man sharing that gift with those who are willing to accept such a profound present. Bravo and Amen !

  7. I’m also waiting for his cd. Absolutely breathtaking! His ability to transport the soul to another place is beyond compare. I believe he’s found his niche in life. Thank you for sharing it with us!!

    1. He is truly talented in many more areas, but you are right Angela, this is the gift from deep inside him and he is sharing it with us. His message is PEACE and LOVE for all of us

  8. Stunning, he absolutely stops me in my tracks. Literally feel my heart vibrating to match his sound, utterly uplifting. Need this angel to release a CD soon, absolutely fills me with awe and a feeling of utter bliss.

    1. Helen, Gennady posted an update on his Facebook timeline that he is working on a project with Burak Sar in Berlin. Everybody it’s excited about this great news and I’m sure a CD will be released soon

  9. Does he drink Ayahuasca?
    My Aunt sent me a clip of his musical artistry yesterday. She felt compelled to do so. I don’t know her, but because of him, we are now connected.
    i’m stunned and thrilled.
    I’ve watched videos of him over and over again.
    Nature is speaking to us and She definitely chose him as a conduit.

    1. I’m happy to hear that his music connected you with your aunt. I don’t know what to tell you about the Ayahuasca but I know that Gennady is awesome and he has this unique gift, something I never seen or experienced in my whole life 🙂

  10. made me cry but with peace and wow so much better than Tom Kenyon and wow so much more makes great meditation music I would love to use his song in my cards i made that are out of this world wow thankyou,,,,let me know if I can use music of yours and I shall fully credit you and your website if i may? xx Corrina Thorby
    Youtube Channel: Metta Art

  11. Thank you Alexandra for sharing with me the man who sings the earth’s sounds. Gennady Tkachenko’s love and passion for nature shines thru in his singing and performances. Ukraine does have talent and He is a very talented and inspiring powerful spirit. I loved being able to listen to His ancient, mystic, and spiritual sounds of nature with my eyes closed. Thank you again for sharing Alexandra, Tony

    1. You are welcome Tony, I’m really pleased to find out that you enjoyed Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh’s performances. We are waiting with excitement for him to release a CD soon

  12. Hi Alexandra

    Yes, Gennady is superbly talented. I have watched all of his performances of the show. He is a true ambassador of what it means to be one with nature and more.

    On his first performance, you could see how captivated the Judges where even to the point when one of the female judges closed her eyes at the right time towards the end. It was as if she was told to close her eyes.

    That is the feeling you get when you hear Gennady perform.

    His performance as simply that captivating that it is worth watching over and over again it resonates right deep to the core of your soul.

    I would advise anyone who hasn’t seen him perform to first watch and listen then replay the same performance but this time relax, close your eyes and be prepared to enter his world of serenity of which we are all part of.

    Just before posting this comment I couldn’t help but to watch them again.

    Thank you for sharing this I hope many will watch Gennady perform not just with what has been shared but should anyone ever get the opportunity to see him life I would say take the time and go watch him.

    By the way, congrats on your website well worth visiting and learning from.

    I have recently created my own website dealing with the spiritual and physical. Stilll recently new but as always like life it’s a work in progress with progress being the operative word.

    Wishing you well in all you do.

    As Always

    Namaste my friend.


    1. Andre, thank you for this remarkable description of Gennady’s talent. I read somewhere that his live performances are incredible and unique because he is improvising each and every time right on the stage. It will be a huge honor for me if I could ever see him in a live concert. I wish you all the best with your website and online journey and as Arthur Ashe said in a quote ”Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome”.
      Namaste 🙂

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