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Special Ed teacher Chris Ulmer

Chris Ulmer-The Best Special Ed Teacher in The World

Recently I was really lucky to discover this incredible special Ed teacher who’s name is Chris Ulmer and I thought that this is the kind of teacher I would like to have for my kids. My personal opinion is that this is the correct way a teacher should treat our children, regardless if they have or no a disability. Praise, compassion, peace, love and acceptance should be the most important things to be taught in schools. This  way our children will learn the true value of  others and themselves.


Who is Chris Ulmer?


He is a 27 year old special Ed teacher at the Mainspring Academy in Florida. ”I look like I should be camping on a mountain as opposed to in a classroom. I have not shaved in half a year and take pride  in my non-traditional appearance. I would describe myself as a “beach bum”. I spend my evenings and weekends playing volleyball, guitar and surfing. My teaching style is anything but traditional, yet I have seen extreme success. ” Chris Ulmer described himself.

In 2015 he was inspired to launch ”Special Books by Special Kids” a project where children and parents with special needs have the opportunity to share their individual experiences to each other.


He’s an amazing, gifted teacher whose final goal is to give a voice to special needs children. Ulmer said that the project was created out of fear “I often recall the thought I had my first day working with these children, “What the heck is going on?” Three years later, I understand each sentence, blink and movement “.

“My fear is that I am one of the only people who will ever speak their language. My fear is that after they move on from my classroom, other individuals will not see the beauty and intelligence each of these children hold.”


Ulmer begins each school day individually complimenting each of his students for 10 minutes, The Mighty reported. This set of compliments and praises are a very beneficial way to boost confidence and self esteem. He is focusing on the talent of each of these children, not on the things they can’t do because of their disability. He said that most of his students felt defeated in the previous educational atmosphere they were coming from.


“Instead of talking about peace, love and harmony I display peace, love and harmony. A child’s reality is shaped from early life experience. If they have a mean, jaded teacher they will think of the world as mean and jaded. But if a teacher displays love, harmony and peace…THAT will become their norm.”  Ulmer  wrote in his video.

“I love having you in my class.” he says to one of the kids. “I think you’re very funny. You’re a great soccer player. Everyone in here loves you.”


You better watch yourself how this incredible special Ed teacher is praising his students:


“Hate is a learned behavior,” – “Love is natural.” Ulmer said.


You can connect with him at his Facebook page :

Official Website:

You can help him out and support his noble cause at :


Please share so we can spread awareness about this highly spiritual man and his mission to bring light for the special needs children and their families!



4 thoughts to “Chris Ulmer-The Best Special Ed Teacher in The World”

  1. Hi Chris, my name is Laura and I have been working with special needs kids with Autism for over four years now. I cam across you on Facebook and was so impressed with the way you are with the special needs community. I want to thank you for getting the awareness out there. These kiddos have so much to teach all of us and because of you and your cause you are making that possible. Good luck on your adventure. BTW, is that your wife?

    1. Hi Laura, as far as I know Alyssa, it’s Christopher Ulmer’s fiance, they are not married yet.You can connect with Chris at his Facebook Page. He is interacting a lot with the community there, he is answering to a lot of messages. Chris it’s doing a great job and from my point of view he really is one of the best teachers in the world. 🙂

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