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Pink Himalayan Salt lamp

3 Awesome Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Every day we look after things that can boost our health and Pink Himalayan crystal Salt can be a new, healthy option in our diet if we truly want to make a change regarding our salt intake. You may wonder what are the differences between the traditional table salt and the Himalayan one. The main difference is that this kind of salt is more than 200 millions of years old, untouched by pollution or any other toxins that can be found in the regular sea salt. It provides more than  8o trace minerals that can be also found in the human body, proving once again that is the best alternative you can find. It is known as the purest salt on earth.

Below I will list the 3 most awesome benefits that you will gain if you start using pink Himalayan salt:

1.Supporting healthy respiratory function

We know the importance of breathing properly, especially if we suffer of different kinds of respiratory problems. Breathing difficulty‘s make a major impact on the quality of a person’s life. I myself had gone lately to a threatening life condition due to my 20’something years of heavy smoking. I started at a very young age and 2 months ago I had to quit this awful habit of mine because I probably developed some kind of asthma or maybe emphysema.


The fact that you can’t take deep breaths is kind of scary and you know what I’m talking about. You start inhaling air faster, but actually you are doing more harm because you must exhale the air first. You are already scared so the breathing difficulty worsen. In this kind of moments I tried to use meditation and I succeeded to calm my mind to the level that I took small breaks between the next inhale. I said  to myself ”This smoking habit will either kill me, or this is the END and I must stop for good”. So I did, and today I’m smoke free.


Using a Himalayan Salt Inhaler will improve your breathing,  especially if you are a smoker and try to quit, because it will reduce withdrawal symptoms that come along with quitting. For me it was a blessing. Dealing with smoking addiction is terrible and this inhaler reduced a lot of those unpleasant symptoms.

Overall, using salt therapy is a huge benefit and will improve for sure the quality of your life!


2.Pink Himalayan Salt Detox Baths


What can be more relaxing and enjoyable than a detoxifying Himalayan salt bath?

Benefits:  • Softens skin

Reduces the symptoms associated with PMS

  Uplift your mood

 Reduces stress

Increases libido

• Stimulates circulation

• Helps heal different kinds of skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne, recurrent infections

•  Reduces inflammation and  relieves pain from arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism

You will enjoy a restful, good night’s sleep after this incredible relaxing bath



3. Pink Himalayan Salt regulate water content inside and outside of cells


Water retention can prevent weight loss, but this is where Pink Himalayan Salt will help you. A lot of people are making the mistake to eliminate completely salt from their diet when they try to lose weight. This is not the case when it comes to the Himalayan salt.

Himalayan pink Salt provides  the human body with  6 minerals that are electrolytes and they are crucial for  bodily fluid regulation.


You probably heard about the sole brine solution. Sole is essentially water that has been fully saturated with natural, unrefined salt. This brine will  regulate hydration, among other awesome things that will do to your body. To create sole after the correct recipe check out this website  that will provide you with a step-by-step guide.


Find out about more important Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt in the video below:



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